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XBats is the manufacturer of the finest maple and ash wood pro quality baseball bats made anywhere today.

XBats is very involved in the development of baseball players of all ages from T-ball to the Major Leagues. We feel that using a wood bat is the best developmental tool for hitting that a player can use. We have personal experience with some of the top high school, collegiate and professional players and strongly believe that the X Bat maple bat is the best made, most durable and most consistent wood bat available today. We are actively involved in the ongoing improvement of X Bat and take the greatest pride in spreading the word about the XBat - the finest wood bat made.

All XBats are made in the United States from the highest quality hard maple wood. XBats are made from select hard maple or sugar maple which, because of its closed grain structure, provides excellent resiliency and greater resistance to denting, fracturing and splintering. The wood is more dense (and heavier) than the northern white ash used in most traditional baseball bats. The result is wood baseball bats are less apt to break and exhibit more "pop" than ash bats. There is no need to tape the barrel as you would when practicing with ash bats as the maple will not split and separate. Another bonus is when the handle is dampened, the maple grain will raise, providing a better grip on the bat.

The XBat is made in the United States . All XBats are custom built for each individual's preferences as to length, weight, barrel size, handle, knob, colors and finish. Only a few dozen XBats are made each day due to the level of craftsmanship necessary to fabricate a quality bat from maple. All existing bat models can be made and XBat has developed their own model bats as well.

XBats can be personalized with your name, team name or logo and in a wide range of colors and combinations. Traditional colors are available: black, dark walnut, mahogany, cherry, golden oak, chestnut, natural and unfinished; plus custom colors: yellow, blue, purple, orange, red, green, teal, silver, gold, charcoal, and cordovan. The bat can be ordered with matching barrels and handles or with unfinished handles for a slightly better grip. The choice is yours. Three clear coat finishes are applied to all bats to enhance the maple's hard finish.

XBats have earned the reputation for being the strongest, longest and most desired bats in baseball.

With scores of baseball bat makers new and old in the market, why would you choose an X Bat?
We have asked this of many of the 300+ Major League baseball players who choose to earn their livelihood with our X Bat. We have many more choices of models, beautiful craftsmanship, more color choices, a furniture like finish and we custom make and engrave our customers' X Bat just like the ones we make for the pros. Most importantly, it comes down to the wood. Players who make their living at this game have found our wood superior to that of every other maple baseball bat company out there.
Further, we are the only wood baseball bat company that makes one grade of bat with only the top quality wood that meets the high standards of professional players and we make this for ALL of our customers.

You’ll see why we are the player’s choice.


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